According to my screen time I spend at least 5 hours a day on TikTok.

If you don’t already know, TikTok is a fun social media app containing creative and humorous videos. Over the past two years, the TikTok community has grown immensely. Through the app, many have found popularity…

If you’re working out to get the spring break/ summer body, I’m proud of you. Something I take very seriously is activewear. I live in athleisure, so I tend to invest in quality pieces, and I’ve tried multiple brands. By far, the best I’ve found is Set Active.

The founder…

The devil’s lettuce, cannabis, weed, gas, whatever you decide to call it, there is a big community of people who have indulged themselves into the little green monster.

Recently a California-based brand, CANN, has become very popular. Cann is a tch and CBD infused drink made for anyone who needs…

Jocelyn Cervantes

Teenage blogger giving my perspective and feedback on the latest trends. For more follow my twitter Jocelyncrios. Hope you like what you read!

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